I Want To Be Your Favorite Hello And Your Hardest Goodbye -- solo exhibition

I am having a solo exhibition in second week of November. Also having a group show in same week. :)
The solo show will be in Beacon, NY in the gallery/boutique called Blackbird Attic. I will be showing small drawings and pretty recent series in prints. If you are in Beacon that week, please come over! The opening is on November 13th, 6 - 9 pm. The show will run for about a month (till December).

The group exhibition will be at Show Gallery in Brooklyn. It will be only up for little bit but going to be a fun show. If you are in New York City area, please stop by! The more information about the show will be announced shortly.



R e c e n t
D r e ^ m


From where I can remember, the dream went like this :
I saw myself fighting/arguing with another person in a small dark room. Then all of sudden falling in love, making love with that person intensely. Seeing myself doing that was uncomfortable because in a dream the feeling is always unexplainable, even though you are experiencing ' something '. 

Another self of mine begins to melt like a candle and turns into another person, completely unknown and then we all jump to an another room. Seems like they cannot see me even though we are in the same room. Every few seconds, the room changes but nothing seems to stop them from being in love. I don't know how long has it been passed but I ends up in a small dark room, completely dark. I am laying on my side and I figure out that I am inside a cabinet. I sense another person in front of me but not moving. There is a small crack open and casts a small amount of light from outside but it is not bright enough to see who is in front of me. 

So I lay there with a ' person ' and I hear the girl talking out loud to someone or on the phone. I can only hear her because I cannot move at all from my position and can only see this black object in front of me. Few seconds later I hear something else breathing heavily behind me. It is another person. From the husky sounding breathe, I imagine it is a man. I get very uncomfortable and scared but seems like whoever behind me doesn't seem to know that I exist. We are all in this tiny cabinet together, myself in the middle facing away from strangers and wanting to get out from this situation. As this person behind me breathe harder and harder, I get an image in my head and notice this person is stalking the girl. Then the place changes again, he continues to stalk her, says nothing but breathe harder, I'm facing other direction, unable to move, the person in front of me doesn't move or says nothing.

This continues for a while then all of sudden, I ends up on a top of picnic table. I lift my head and see my surroundings and I see a snow field with trees. For a second, I thought I am outside but I see all the trees and the sky are painted. It is almost like a gymnasium, except the walls are painted in the nature scenery. I see the person I love walking in a circle (meaning walking around the room aimlessly lost) talking to himself. I look around my surrounding continuously because I couldn't get rid of the uncomfortable feeling I had from being in a dark tight space and be trapped for how long it was. As I try to shake off this awkwardness, I concentrates on my new surrounding but it is hard because this open space is blinding me so hard that I couldn't stop rubbing my eyes. From my skewed vision, there are two picnic tables beside me and I see something moving in front of me. I rub my eyes to focus and it is a wolf. I see another one chasing after the person I love. The wolf didn't cry but tries to bite me and crunches its teeth several times. I jump between two picnic benches and make noises with my mouth to scare off the wolf. 

... dream somewhat continues.
but that's all I could remember. 
Then I wake up.



Untitled ⨌ Process ⩷ Progress --- September 2o1o

inni af mὲr


Los Logos Compass, Gestalten

It is such a honor to be part of Los Logos book! This is my third time straight since Tres Logos! I am seriously excited and cannot wait till I get to hold that book and flip the pages. Looks beautiful and amazing. And it seems like it's a bit different from other Los Logo family. I am also very psyched in fact that one of my logo is featured in the example page! Holy crap!

The introduction to the book is as followed (via Gestalten)::

"Like its predecessors, this fifth edition in the Los Logos series offers a definitive overview of current developments and advancements in logo design with the high-quality selection of up-to-the-minute work that readers have come to expect. But with a larger format and more text features, the focus of this book has been further sharpened from a comprehensive documentation to a competent classification of prevailing tendencies in design. Los Logos: Compass aims to be not only an archive of current design, but to educate designers and clients about which approaches make the best fit for a given project - an issue that is especially important in a challenging economy in which innovation and identity are essential."

404 pages, full color, hardcover!
Preorder it HERE.
Will be in the store near you late September.

3 Layers of Anxiety - - - August . 2o1o

I had a mental break down yesterday.
It wasn't pleasant and this is kind of how I felt, melting.


Comic : Noah and Miriam - - - August . 2o1o

Recently, I've received beautiful drawings/comics by Garrett Young, also known as Doctorpmaru, in mail. It is amazing. So gorgeous and mysterious work he does! Which it made me inspired to draw and write stories! Thank you so much, Garrett. It's such a rare feeling to get excited over other's art. It is not that I dislike other's work, I am simply not interested in art. I've lost some interests over my own work lately.. I guess sometimes we all need that inspiration and excitements over creating something in order to create more.

I've been sitting here and there at coffee shops writing small parts of stories and trying to remember some fragments of dream I have had. Also trying to remember all the beautiful moments I had in my past memories. Sometimes all these moments are hard to describe them into words. Even drawings won't convey or translate what that moments were like. That is the greatest challenge to this project.

Along the new portrait project, Our Hands Will Evetually Destroy Everything Beautiful series and Permanent Vacation series, I will work on the comic here and there.


Chris - - - July . 2o1o

Many sleepless nights these days. Reminds me of the college days where I just drew and took bunch of showers.
I began thinking about doing more portraits in a different style than I usually draw. This is a test drawing of the series. Haven't came up with a good series title yet but eventually it will come to my head.

Time to go to work.


A Dream About Your Ghost - - - July . 2o1o

*** To see the drawing larger visit H E R E


▲▲ MINI MINIATURE MOUSE is updated ▲▲

I finally finished the drawing I've been working on forever.
Along with other new drawings from Permanent Vacation series.
Please check it out when you have a chance.


A short interview and a feature in the magazine called Milk X regarding to the wardrobe and the creative people. It is in Chinese but you can see my closet and my favorite items for the season. :)
Sorry for the low resolution image upload.

You can purchase the magazine here : http://www.milk.com.hk/


It's very late notice but here is the illustration I did for Popshot Magazine from UK.
This magazine is beautiful and I am very honored to be a part of this! Great way to collaborate with poets and illustrators! If you get a chance, please get a copy!

For more information, please visit Popshot Magazine's website:



A ghost in love.


Progress of // In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you --- 2o1o

I have been working on this piece since February or March. I cannot remember things anymore because speed of life goes by so fast. Soon my face will be covered in wrinkles, hopefully accomplished/achieved something, and be able to tell a long story about my mistakes and successes to someone.

I really hope I can finish this piece the way I want. I am not putting any deadline and trying to take every details and stories inside the work seriously. So far I am very content with the result. It is growing, like how we all grow everyday.
I hope he/she/it/you will like this because....

; )


If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more - - - May . 2o1o


Chøøøøø! - - - May . 2o1o


- ' I want to keep seeing the sparks in your eyes. ' -- April 2o1o

Click the image for the full comic. : )

I've been having interesting dream here and there. Recent dream that was vivid and left a strong impression in my head was this dream.

I was wondering around in a library alone, then one of the aisle lead me to this empty park. The entire ground was covered in sand and no lights. I saw an one car parked behind me and no one is inside. I sat right next to the car and when I sat down, I saw tiny sparks in my right toe. The spark became the sun and I saw the sky started to change into different colors. As the sun rose, stars begun to appear. It was so beautiful that I took lots of pictures and got me excited to show it to a person I know. When I entered his house, I saw him sleeping next to two giant dogs. He got surprised and begun yelling at me because he thought I came into the place to steal his stuff. I told him that I wasn't planning none of that but to share the pictures I took. He said OK and went back to sleep. I became speechless and decided to burn up the pictures. Pink smoke rose up as pictures turned into ashes. However the pink smoke emitted lights like stars. The smoke begun to take up the place and fire became larger, I tried to wake him up but I didn't want to bother him and misunderstood, so I left his place without words. When I left his place, I saw one tiny spark inside my hand. It was from the pink smoke. I crushed it with my hand, crumbled it and let it flow in the air.

I can still see how all they shined.
and I can see why I dreamed this.


M I N I . M I N I A T U R E . M ● U S E
has been U P D A T E D ! ! ! (finally)

● Gap (Product) Red Shirt designs
● The new series : Permanent Vacation
● Photo section has been added ( instax mini series + Canon AE-1 )
● N E W . L ◉ ◉ K S ! !

... more and more to come.

▶▶ www.miniminiaturemouse.com ◀◀


- ' Tapir ' -- March 2o1o

Drew comic again. This one is for someone special.
Click the image for the full comic. : )

Less than a week now.
Getting all psyched and nervous.


- Henry Darger + found photo study sketch, March . 2o1o

I never draw scenery to begin with. Kind of hard to break my boundary of clean white negative space. Darger been one of my favorite since I was 18. It was introduced by this dude I dated in first year of college. He gave me this beautiful book of Darger and I was very inspired and blown away with his own world he created. But anyways, I always wanted to draw a disturbing scene. Going to do a bigger version of this in future - - - meaning once I set up my studio.

I am flying away from this country to escape and visiting my old life / place next week. Excited to see friends I haven't seen and smell of the town I was born. It will be well documented for sure. Will be back.


Stuff that I never updated about.

● Gap (Product) Red shirts came out February 8th, 2o1o.
● Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur by Francesca Lia Block came out Summer, 2oo9, Which I did an illustration for.
● August 2oo9 issue of Nylon Magazine illustration on rolfering massage experience.
● Espai Cromàtic, Spain exhibition.
● Illustration Now 3 by Taschen.
● New Work exhibition at Think Space Gallery, Culver City, California with two other artists.
● Got hired as a studio assistant for Takashi Murakami's studio, Kaikai Kiki, in Long Island City, New York.


Things go by fast and I become more terrible at updating things about my life. Ah crap.

I turned 25 end of last year. I used to be scared of turning into 25. I don't know why, but always felt like I had to prove something about myself by then. Be successful in some category, maybe get married and start family... I guess I was looking too hard at "status" of some sort. Now I think about it, I feel ridiculous and how childish that idea was. Why rush? I should enjoy every moment that I can have. Every seconds are different. There won't be anything same. Nothing is permanent, eternal or infinite. Only numbers and time, and space.

So I am not scared anymore. Surprise!

I like where I am at right now. I work for an amazing job, it's tough and challenging, but I am learning so much. I really like the people I work with. All of them have great hearts and humors. I feel so welcomed that I don't want to ever leave!

My career as an illustrator has been RAD this year. I've been doing the whole "miniminiaturemouse" for last 5 ~ 6 years. It feels so long but short, I've done lots and I am proud of many. So many experiences has lead me to be in a part of big things. This year I worked with Nylon Magazine a lot, did several book illustration, had a big solo show in Sydney|Australia, making shirts with GAP! and being published in great books (ie : Illustrations NOW 3, Atlas of Illustration etc) and oh gosh, SO MUCH! So many people are supporting me and I am so spoiled with so much love from others. Thank you!

Thinking about all these amazing things have been inspiring me to do more things! My creativity has been in hiatus for quite sometimes, and I am ready to do lots NOW!

So, I will get better at updating things.
New miniminiaturemouse site is on its way.