Dear friends!

Sorry for the last minute notice but I will be participating for this show that is opening this Thursday (1/27) at SHO Gallery.
As many people (might) know, SHO Gallery and Loading Dock will be closing after the amazing 2 years! But this is not the last of these amazing places, just for now...(read more about it on the information below). SO! For the farewell-for-now exhibition, my Permanent Vacation series drawing will be exhibiting along with several amazing artists!!!

Please join us !

F. the cold weather and let's eat tacos and burritos! We can do tacos-cheers.
I will give you the biggest 5 ft tall person hug of the world. Let's have fun!
& here is the information about the show :


Hi Everyone,

As you know, for the last two years, SHO Gallery has been exhibiting dynamic and innovative shows of established and emerging artists. We have put on over a dozen exhibitions showcasing works in all media, brought in collaborative guest curators, and focused our events on building community, networking relationships, and keeping the dialogue around new work flowing, all while having a damn good time.

As you may not know, the space we have been using for the majority of our shows is in a transition period. Accordingly, we're having a show to celebrate two incredibly successful years, and many more to come.

Join us this Thursday, Jan. 27th, as we celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of another, with some of the strongest work we've had yet.

Artwork by :
Grayson Cox
James Moore
Fumi Nakamura
David Pierce
Karolina Rojas
Albert Shelton
Chris Smith
Leah Wolff
Pete Watts

Tacos and more by Choncho's (of the Brooklyn Flea) will be on sale as usual, and this will be the VERY LAST TIME Choncho's will be here. Bring your appetite for stunning art, cheap beer, and (one final time!!!!) amazing taco's!

We hope to see you there! If you haven't made it to an opening yet, there's never been a better time to stop by, and if you're one of the many who have come out to support us so many times, thank you SO SO much!

Tony and Erik, SHO Gallery

Muertes Temporales
Opening this Thursday, Jan 27th, from 7-11pm
SHO Gallery
170 Tillary St.,
Brooklyn NY 11201
(774) 239 5681
close to every train (literally)
map: http://bit.ly/hODk36


Hope to see you there!
Thank you!



Don't get Your Hopes Up, Only Chin Up -- A4 sketchbook drawing

Hello guys!
Very short notice but my Permanent Vacation series drawings will be exhibiting at SHO Gallery in Brooklyn, New York! The opening is on Thursday, January 27. 7-10pm. The show is only going to be on for a week : 25th-31st. It will be the last show at SHO Gallery (hopefully not but till the new spot appears) AND the Loading Dock's taco truck will say bye bye to that spot.

Please join us for last taco/burrito fiesta!

SHO Gallery /The Loading Dock
170 Tillary St. in downtown Brooklyn NY


It's a bit late but,

2011 has been pretty exciting year so far.
I will be participating in two shows, one in Portland, Oregon and another in Los Angeles, California.
More information is to come and if you are in any of the cities I've mentioned, please check it out.
It is happening in mid-March.

Few publications will be coming out some point this year as well!
So exciting!!!!

Other than that, I am preparing a small print with 1 inch pins and sticker packs. Will be ready in couple month?
Hopefully, I will be able to make new mini book this year. It's all depends on my piggy bank this year.

for those of you follow this blog, thank you!
I will try to update more!