Los Logos Compass, Gestalten

It is such a honor to be part of Los Logos book! This is my third time straight since Tres Logos! I am seriously excited and cannot wait till I get to hold that book and flip the pages. Looks beautiful and amazing. And it seems like it's a bit different from other Los Logo family. I am also very psyched in fact that one of my logo is featured in the example page! Holy crap!

The introduction to the book is as followed (via Gestalten)::

"Like its predecessors, this fifth edition in the Los Logos series offers a definitive overview of current developments and advancements in logo design with the high-quality selection of up-to-the-minute work that readers have come to expect. But with a larger format and more text features, the focus of this book has been further sharpened from a comprehensive documentation to a competent classification of prevailing tendencies in design. Los Logos: Compass aims to be not only an archive of current design, but to educate designers and clients about which approaches make the best fit for a given project - an issue that is especially important in a challenging economy in which innovation and identity are essential."

404 pages, full color, hardcover!
Preorder it HERE.
Will be in the store near you late September.

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