Stuff that I never updated about.

● Gap (Product) Red shirts came out February 8th, 2o1o.
● Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur by Francesca Lia Block came out Summer, 2oo9, Which I did an illustration for.
● August 2oo9 issue of Nylon Magazine illustration on rolfering massage experience.
● Espai Cromàtic, Spain exhibition.
● Illustration Now 3 by Taschen.
● New Work exhibition at Think Space Gallery, Culver City, California with two other artists.
● Got hired as a studio assistant for Takashi Murakami's studio, Kaikai Kiki, in Long Island City, New York.


Things go by fast and I become more terrible at updating things about my life. Ah crap.

I turned 25 end of last year. I used to be scared of turning into 25. I don't know why, but always felt like I had to prove something about myself by then. Be successful in some category, maybe get married and start family... I guess I was looking too hard at "status" of some sort. Now I think about it, I feel ridiculous and how childish that idea was. Why rush? I should enjoy every moment that I can have. Every seconds are different. There won't be anything same. Nothing is permanent, eternal or infinite. Only numbers and time, and space.

So I am not scared anymore. Surprise!

I like where I am at right now. I work for an amazing job, it's tough and challenging, but I am learning so much. I really like the people I work with. All of them have great hearts and humors. I feel so welcomed that I don't want to ever leave!

My career as an illustrator has been RAD this year. I've been doing the whole "miniminiaturemouse" for last 5 ~ 6 years. It feels so long but short, I've done lots and I am proud of many. So many experiences has lead me to be in a part of big things. This year I worked with Nylon Magazine a lot, did several book illustration, had a big solo show in Sydney|Australia, making shirts with GAP! and being published in great books (ie : Illustrations NOW 3, Atlas of Illustration etc) and oh gosh, SO MUCH! So many people are supporting me and I am so spoiled with so much love from others. Thank you!

Thinking about all these amazing things have been inspiring me to do more things! My creativity has been in hiatus for quite sometimes, and I am ready to do lots NOW!

So, I will get better at updating things.
New miniminiaturemouse site is on its way.

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