Los Logos Compass, Gestalten

It is such a honor to be part of Los Logos book! This is my third time straight since Tres Logos! I am seriously excited and cannot wait till I get to hold that book and flip the pages. Looks beautiful and amazing. And it seems like it's a bit different from other Los Logo family. I am also very psyched in fact that one of my logo is featured in the example page! Holy crap!

The introduction to the book is as followed (via Gestalten)::

"Like its predecessors, this fifth edition in the Los Logos series offers a definitive overview of current developments and advancements in logo design with the high-quality selection of up-to-the-minute work that readers have come to expect. But with a larger format and more text features, the focus of this book has been further sharpened from a comprehensive documentation to a competent classification of prevailing tendencies in design. Los Logos: Compass aims to be not only an archive of current design, but to educate designers and clients about which approaches make the best fit for a given project - an issue that is especially important in a challenging economy in which innovation and identity are essential."

404 pages, full color, hardcover!
Preorder it HERE.
Will be in the store near you late September.

3 Layers of Anxiety - - - August . 2o1o

I had a mental break down yesterday.
It wasn't pleasant and this is kind of how I felt, melting.


Comic : Noah and Miriam - - - August . 2o1o

Recently, I've received beautiful drawings/comics by Garrett Young, also known as Doctorpmaru, in mail. It is amazing. So gorgeous and mysterious work he does! Which it made me inspired to draw and write stories! Thank you so much, Garrett. It's such a rare feeling to get excited over other's art. It is not that I dislike other's work, I am simply not interested in art. I've lost some interests over my own work lately.. I guess sometimes we all need that inspiration and excitements over creating something in order to create more.

I've been sitting here and there at coffee shops writing small parts of stories and trying to remember some fragments of dream I have had. Also trying to remember all the beautiful moments I had in my past memories. Sometimes all these moments are hard to describe them into words. Even drawings won't convey or translate what that moments were like. That is the greatest challenge to this project.

Along the new portrait project, Our Hands Will Evetually Destroy Everything Beautiful series and Permanent Vacation series, I will work on the comic here and there.