Jason and I arrived New York safe on November 30th. We went across California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  New Jersey and New York. It took us 5 days... since we had Basil Leaf with us and we wanted to make it to New York by December 1st. It was rocky and tiring, but we made it. Basil Leaf is pretty happy (since the East Coasts are COLD, but will be hell for him in Summer).  Phew.

We found our cozy apartment on my birthday and we were so relieved! It's gorgeous and amazing place we are living in! We created a studio/office next to our bedroom and I've been working in that room non stop since we settled in. Gets wonderful light and see the cute neighborhood, I'm in a wonderful place. 

I've been working for the solo show for the National Grid Gallery in Sydney, Australia for March 2009. I am nervous because this will be pretty big deal! I've always wanted to go to Australia and very excited to visit there. Working on larger pieces, which I haven't done since I left college, but I think I like working large.  right now, I am handling three pieces same time and I still have to create more by March!

This move has been wonderful! My creativeness is coming back and I am drawing non stop. Excited to go out more and meet more artists/people/clients! I am loving my new life! It's something I've always wanted.  Yay!