R e c e n t
D r e ^ m


From where I can remember, the dream went like this :
I saw myself fighting/arguing with another person in a small dark room. Then all of sudden falling in love, making love with that person intensely. Seeing myself doing that was uncomfortable because in a dream the feeling is always unexplainable, even though you are experiencing ' something '. 

Another self of mine begins to melt like a candle and turns into another person, completely unknown and then we all jump to an another room. Seems like they cannot see me even though we are in the same room. Every few seconds, the room changes but nothing seems to stop them from being in love. I don't know how long has it been passed but I ends up in a small dark room, completely dark. I am laying on my side and I figure out that I am inside a cabinet. I sense another person in front of me but not moving. There is a small crack open and casts a small amount of light from outside but it is not bright enough to see who is in front of me. 

So I lay there with a ' person ' and I hear the girl talking out loud to someone or on the phone. I can only hear her because I cannot move at all from my position and can only see this black object in front of me. Few seconds later I hear something else breathing heavily behind me. It is another person. From the husky sounding breathe, I imagine it is a man. I get very uncomfortable and scared but seems like whoever behind me doesn't seem to know that I exist. We are all in this tiny cabinet together, myself in the middle facing away from strangers and wanting to get out from this situation. As this person behind me breathe harder and harder, I get an image in my head and notice this person is stalking the girl. Then the place changes again, he continues to stalk her, says nothing but breathe harder, I'm facing other direction, unable to move, the person in front of me doesn't move or says nothing.

This continues for a while then all of sudden, I ends up on a top of picnic table. I lift my head and see my surroundings and I see a snow field with trees. For a second, I thought I am outside but I see all the trees and the sky are painted. It is almost like a gymnasium, except the walls are painted in the nature scenery. I see the person I love walking in a circle (meaning walking around the room aimlessly lost) talking to himself. I look around my surrounding continuously because I couldn't get rid of the uncomfortable feeling I had from being in a dark tight space and be trapped for how long it was. As I try to shake off this awkwardness, I concentrates on my new surrounding but it is hard because this open space is blinding me so hard that I couldn't stop rubbing my eyes. From my skewed vision, there are two picnic tables beside me and I see something moving in front of me. I rub my eyes to focus and it is a wolf. I see another one chasing after the person I love. The wolf didn't cry but tries to bite me and crunches its teeth several times. I jump between two picnic benches and make noises with my mouth to scare off the wolf. 

... dream somewhat continues.
but that's all I could remember. 
Then I wake up.


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Carrie Lee said...

Dreams are amazing, aren't they....
the can be so complex and intriguing.

Love your work BTW.
Carrie Lee