Last year,
I was asked to submit a design/illustration for NYLON Magazine x U.O. Project.
The project is to produce products, such as T-shirts, housing items, stationary, dishware, that are exclusive for both brands.
I designed my logo (skull mouse logo that was featured in TRES LOGOS) pattern with different colors, and lucky that was accepted!

The sample came in yesterday and they are gorgeous!
I am very happy with the outcome. I am not sure when exactly it's being released, but I will make sure to let everyone know!


Let's draw (almost) everyday

I have to start prepare for the show in the Fall with Thinkspace Gallery. But at the same time, I want to work on my portfolios and rebuild my new site! But before that I have to take care few client works and etc. Sigh. Too much in my mind.

I started a new sketch book yesterday. Trying to draw everyday, I wonder how long that would last. ha!


It's already June.
Time goes so fast!
I am way behind!

f e b r u a r y | m a r c h .

● Worked on art pieces for the National Grid Gallery solo exhibition
● Worked on illustrations for the book called Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur by Francesca Lia Block (Bloomsbury publication)
● 3/26 : the solo exhibition opening, Sydney. AU (Sadly, I couldn't make it)

a p r i l .

● Went Hawaii ! Vacation !!
● Worked for NYLON magazine and did 6 illustrations for the July issue 2009 (It's out !)
● Worked with GAP. Releasing 3 shirts for Gap Product (red) ! More information later on
● Curvy 6 art book is being released, one of my illustration is published

m a y .

● working on the illustration the book called Little Pink
● Visited : San Diego | Philadelphia | Baltimore



2 0 0 9

started off great! NYLON magazine's freelance work came out RAD! Here is what the spread looks like! (picture above) I will be a part of group show at Canteen Gallery in Ottawa, Canada. The opening will be next month! Then my solo show at the National Grid Gallery in March! Hooray. I'm currently working on few illustration for books and it's very fun! Hopefully there will be more opportunity to illustrate!

I got invitation to be in the next Taschen's Illustartion Now 3 book as well! Which is super exciting! There will be another illustration book coming out some point this year through Mao Mao press called the Atlas of Illustration. I cannot wait to see it!

I will update the site soon with new work and news.
Hej hej.