Progress of // In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you --- 2o1o

I have been working on this piece since February or March. I cannot remember things anymore because speed of life goes by so fast. Soon my face will be covered in wrinkles, hopefully accomplished/achieved something, and be able to tell a long story about my mistakes and successes to someone.

I really hope I can finish this piece the way I want. I am not putting any deadline and trying to take every details and stories inside the work seriously. So far I am very content with the result. It is growing, like how we all grow everyday.
I hope he/she/it/you will like this because....

; )


Niami said...

Beautiful. Cant wait to see how it goes.

Its funny to think we're not in total control of our creations, but i think that makes it all the more amazing, its like alchemy.

Tim Heitz said...

Your work is beautiful Fumi!
Keep it up!

tylercase said...

this is incredible!