M I N I . M I N I A T U R E . M ● U S E
has been U P D A T E D ! ! ! (finally)

● Gap (Product) Red Shirt designs
● The new series : Permanent Vacation
● Photo section has been added ( instax mini series + Canon AE-1 )
● N E W . L ◉ ◉ K S ! !

... more and more to come.

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Make it Easy said...

hi Fumi!
i dont know if you remember me, but i was LiveJournal friends with you a looong time ago (recordshopping) :-D
i just blogged about you because i bought your gap product red tshirt! i was so psyched to find out it was you who created it!


best wishes,

fumi.n / m.mouse said...

Thanks Aron!
Of Course I remember you! :)
I hope you are well! Thanks tons!