- ' I want to keep seeing the sparks in your eyes. ' -- April 2o1o

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I've been having interesting dream here and there. Recent dream that was vivid and left a strong impression in my head was this dream.

I was wondering around in a library alone, then one of the aisle lead me to this empty park. The entire ground was covered in sand and no lights. I saw an one car parked behind me and no one is inside. I sat right next to the car and when I sat down, I saw tiny sparks in my right toe. The spark became the sun and I saw the sky started to change into different colors. As the sun rose, stars begun to appear. It was so beautiful that I took lots of pictures and got me excited to show it to a person I know. When I entered his house, I saw him sleeping next to two giant dogs. He got surprised and begun yelling at me because he thought I came into the place to steal his stuff. I told him that I wasn't planning none of that but to share the pictures I took. He said OK and went back to sleep. I became speechless and decided to burn up the pictures. Pink smoke rose up as pictures turned into ashes. However the pink smoke emitted lights like stars. The smoke begun to take up the place and fire became larger, I tried to wake him up but I didn't want to bother him and misunderstood, so I left his place without words. When I left his place, I saw one tiny spark inside my hand. It was from the pink smoke. I crushed it with my hand, crumbled it and let it flow in the air.

I can still see how all they shined.
and I can see why I dreamed this.

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