R e c e n t
D r e ^ m s


1. I was standing in a desert/middle of no where. I saw landmines going off right next to me and people screaming and running pass me. I wanted to run away as well and told myself to "run, run, run" but both of my legs were stuck in the quicksand. Then I saw a giant black shadow over me and I look up ; it was an U.S solider. He approaches me slowly with M16 rifle and pointed the gun on my head. He told me with deep voice that I am going to die. The next 10-15 seconds, everything was in slow motion. As I heard the trigger going off, I woke up, sweating and felt numb.

2. My heart was pounding so much and the chest was in a massive pain. Then I was sitting in the doctor's office. The room was so bright, since I faced toward the windows and the sun was setting. I felt the warm kind wind blowing through my body and the white curtains danced along winds. The doctor's body was backed against the windows, so I couldn't see his face, all I saw was a grey-ish silhouette of a tiny man. Even-though I cannot see his facial features, I can hear his voice saying that I had few hours to live. Since I was in a major pain and felt like my chest caving in, the news felt nothing to me. It actually made a lot sense in my mind. I couldn't say anthing and I put both of my hands toward my chest. I could feel the heart beating louder and louder. I fell off the chair and curled my body into a fetus position. I don't know why but I remember smiling and really thought about what I really wanted to do for my last moment in life but all I could think about is how life is short. Somehow in the dream, I knew I wasn't going to live that long, so I felt like everything was alright as it is. I closed my eyes and waited for my time to come.

3. ( I keep having a dream about my old cat. He was so special to me.
The last time I saw him was when I was 9 years old. I couldn't say goodbye. He disappeared )

I was in my studio, drawing with my head against the desk surface. I heard meow. I looked up the window and saw a dark shadow, and it was my cat. He jumped down the window and rubbed his tiny body against my legs and purred. I rubbed behind his ears and chins, asked him where he has been all of this time. He got up on the desk and looked at me. He wiped his face with his paw, then slowly I saw something growing behind his back, it was 6 wings. It grew larger and larger, and when it got to the point the set of wings were double his size, he begun to float. I panicked and somehow all these emotions floated inside of me. I felt the sudden fear and it brought back the memory of "losing" him. I rushed out the room and grabbed a fruit knife from the kitchen. Then went back my studio, grabbed one of the wing and tore all his wings off using the knife. He fell down to the floor meowed over and over. I dropped the fruit knife and stared at my hands for a while- bloody and shaking from adrenaline. Then I cried out loud saying sorry to him over and over, and as his voice gets weaker and weaker... I felt awful and miserable from what I've done, though In my head, it made a perfect sense. I wanted him to stay with me and didn't want him to disappear again. He looked at me and his meow sounded like "why, why, why?" Then I woke up from myself crying.

4. I was having a ritual with you. You had a white veil on. I had a black veil on. You kneeled down, and put your hand out. You had a pair of leather gloves on, and I can hear the sound of gloves from every tremble that each fingers made. I couldn't hear your voice but I know you for sure you were asking for my hand. I put my right hand out and you kissed it through your white veil, then passed me a black arrow. A black bow appeared on my other hand and I pointed toward your heart. The beautiful sound of string and one simple sound of thump. Through tiny holes of veil, I saw the arrow landed to your heart. You didn't make any single sound, but I saw your body trembling. Then I see silver lead like slimy substance coming out from the wound. Then your fingers and arms, toes to legs, it slowly turned into a liquid. I could see you agonizing in pain, I reached my hand toward you, and when the tip of my fingers touches your head, your became comepletely shapeless. I took off my veil and wore your veil and ran my fingers against your remaining matter. I felt a sharp pain on my index finger. Quickly I remove my hand and I saw a blood. I look down on the silver substance, then I see the black arrow I shot you with. I saw my fingers falling apart and turning into liquid like him. I didn't feel any pain while turning into a liquid, but I rather felt relieved. Through a tiny holes of white veil, it sucked all the lights from the sun. Made my face all hot and it felt hard to breathe. But when I woke up, I felt really happy to see you in my dream.

I need to make all these dreams into comics / drawings.

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