I'm Sorry.

Terrible at updating these days.
Last update was 10 months ago. Horrible.

I've been mainly concentrating on my solo exhibitions next March/April in Thinkspace Gallery (LA)I'm almost almost done making 6 pieces! and 3 to 5 more to go! If you are interested to see some previews, I update them on my Instagram. Find me!

I would like to mention these are the publications I was included this year :

Juxtapoz Illustration Book 2 (Ginko-Press)
Slice Magazine
Ruby : Otherworldiness (Die-Gestalten)
Illustration NOW Portraits (Tachen)

I had several shows in past few months but obviously it's too late to mention about them. Also! If you are looking to get next year's calender, check out Taschen's Illustration NOW calender.


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